Romania Is Losing Its Pixels

Romania, a pixel at a timegoodbye romania:

Warning: by visiting this site you will destroy it. Each visit will remove one pixel from these photographs.
However, we will tell you a story. It’s a story about Romania, which is to say, it’s a story about change.

An interesting concept for presenting a story. Note that the site is slow due this unpixelizing function.

4 Replies to “Romania Is Losing Its Pixels”

  1. I didn’t read it. A picture is worth a thousand words and that was enough reading for me. I liked it – it moved me.

  2. It bugged me cause the bloody pictures had some bloody pixels taken out of it. I want to write a little script to spoof my ip then make a connection to that site over and over so that the picture is all white, then they’ll be all happy with themselves and their touching/dumb story. Or maybe I’ll just play video games.. whatever

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