“Rome” is Full of Sex & Insanity, and it’s a Lot of Fun

I recently finished watching the HBO series, Rome on DVD (22 1-hour episodes). Loyalty to the death and lots of sex around the time of Julius Caesar. The characters speak in modern UK slang, none of the fluffy where-art-thou Lord of The Rings English, so it’s easy to understand and relate to them despite the fact that just about everyone is a sociapath. Although “Rome” follows the rise and fall of Julius Caesar, Mark Antony and Cleopatra, the heart and soul of the series comes through in the characters of two Roman soldiers, Lucius Vorenus & Titus Pullo — they are the McNulty & Bunk of “Rome.” Slow to start, the story builds to the most dramatic, epic ending of any series I’ve seen. I was a long time coming around to this series, but I’m glad I did.

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  1. I really liked this series…I do not know if I watched it till the end…how many seasons was it….I think I relayed to you my inappropriate viewing with the kids..I watched it during a time when I was playing rome total war….henry as a youngster would walk around the house pronouncing, “Unleash Hell!” a common saying before battle was entered…I do not think stephanie was responsive to my pleas that it must have been some phrase he picked up on the bus on the way to school….ahhh the delights of the stay home dad years…video games bon bons and fuzzy slippers…

  2. Jenny and I re-watched the series from beginning to end because we knew we didn’t pick up on everything the first time around. The second viewing was just as good and a little more revealing. The producers of the show had planned a 5-season story arc culminating in the rise of the messiah in Palestine. Elements of that storyline are introduced through one of the Jewish characters. Too bad they didn’t have a chance to finish it. I want to read some Roman history now.

  3. I started watching this a few days ago – I’m on the 5 episode of the 1st season.

    Lots of nudity! Fun characters. How historically accurate is it?

  4. The characters are loosely based on historical figures and the general outline of the story is based on historical events, but it’s pretty free and loose with all the details.

  5. could not get to sleep…long day….picked up flashpoint…crime drama…uanbashedly canadian….try that for a series…flashpoint…..by the end of the first disc..kinda liked it and start to enjoy characters….I must admit my jingoism surfaced with the canadian content and setting…

    part of the long day was that ralph benmurgi was here as speaker at market tonight as part of a green party function…I was just the apolitical janitor who got the venue ready…..

    if you can find foyles war..get it …it is by far one of my favorites…the main character is a joy to watch..wonderful understated acting..plus the history elements make me all fuzzy and warm….

  6. have been watching mad men past couple of weeks …was here tonight into season three thinking about how I like the character of sterling…when the scene in the aftermath of the mower accident occurs and his character walks in and states its like Iwo Jima out there…I have worked with characters like this.. ya gotta love the sense of detachment and humour…the series is entertaining…it is interesting how uncomfortable I sometimes feel in the interactions between the men and women….whilst I as a white middle class overweight male pine for that fantasy world…my wife would kick me out and take away my allowance if I ever mentioned it….she might even take my bon bons and fuzzy slippers… perhaps my time at Mount St. Vincent can never be erased from my psyche….

    Thanks for the recommendation phillip I had passed this series many times and would not have picked it up…..

  7. I picked up series 1 of Foyles War. I’ll let you know when I watch it. It probably won’t be for a while. Or maybe I’ll start watching it tonight. I’m home sick with a flu. The first time I’ve been sick like this in about 7 years.

  8. I watched the first episode of “Foyle’s War.” BOR-ING!

    Judging from only the first episode, it’s a murder-mystery show not unlike A&E’s “Miss Marple” and “Poirot.” It happens to take place in England just as WWII is starting up, but other than that, it follows the same formula. An introduction of stuffy, well-to-do characters, someone is murdered, some hints are provided as to who the murderer might be — but never anything definitive — and the show ends with the investigator confronting the murderer by explaining why and how they almost got away with it. And until that last scene where all is explained, there’s no way to know who the murderer is.

    I suppose the fun is trying to figure out who-dun-it, but the way these types of shows are written, it could be anyone. It doesn’t appeal to me.

  9. Well, I wasn’t going to say anything, Tom, but now that you said it, man, you got to be an old fart to like that stuff.

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