Rooster Meat

I bought a frozen rooster at the grocery store a couple weeks ago. It was on sale and it was much larger than most of the regular chickens.

It terms or cooking preparation and taste, is there any difference between a regular chicken and a rooster?

And it is true that dogs and cats are colourblind?

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  1. Googling is there any difference between a regular chicken and a rooster comes up with this post already. That was quick.

    There’s no difference.

    And for is true that dogs and cats are colourblind?
    From Ask A Scientist!

    Cats and dogs can see some colors but not all of them. So in a sense they are like adults who are colorblind… Dogs and cats only have two kinds of cones sensitive to blue and green light. So they do see some colors. By the way, if you have a horse or pony at home, they have red and blue cones. Horses see some colors, but they can’t tell green from gray.

  2. Some online source says it’s dry meat, other say it’s succulent. Either way, I’ll find out on Tuesday. If it turns out try, I throw it all into a soup.

  3. My rooster is a capon rooster. (I assumed capon was french for rooster and didn’t signify anything specific.) Excellent. (I also linked capon in your comment.) Thanks.

  4. sorry did not back to you sooner….hard as it is to believe….i have been busy….almost worked for three days last week….we used to have a vendor here who sold capons….

  5. Wow…go to the link and then go to the educational section on how to castrate a rooster….the internet is grand…

    its not that bad…even my city computer let me in…i still can not get the german dungeon porn though….jody help?

  6. yeah some website like that would be great…better yet if we could incorportate the city of owen sound in it … you know to put us on the map….

    two phrases that i now make a public display of twitching over…kinda like a mild seizure…I am at the moment too cowardly to do something like screaming in agony which is what i want to do….these phrases are often said in council…so I am working up my courage…I was inspired by the “environment” scene with bud cort in the cormier classic “The Chocolate War”

    “think outside the box”……please people just think
    “it will put us on the map”….i often hear my collegues say this…my observation that having a serial killer or child pornography ring in our city would probably meet this end…or which map is that… meet with critical silence…

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