Salads are good

I’ve been eating Wendy’s salads lately. I prefer their Mandarin Chicken Salad because it has a variety of lettuces in it, and the almonds and manadins are a nice change from regular salad ingredients. It cost $3.99 here in Michigan.

Their Chicken BLT has cucumbers which I HATE, and it has those little tomatoes that feel like you’re chewing eyeballs (oh, I KNOW) if you close your eyes when you pop them into your mouth. It also has too much bacon bits and the bowl is too small to stir it up without making a mess.

I haven’t tried their Taco Supremo Salad yet, nor their Spring Mix Salad. I don’t usually eat so healthy, but the abundance of cheap food down here is making me nauseous. There’s a restaurant nearby that serves portions so huge you cannot finish the meal. A sandwich comes with bread two inches thick and stuffed with six inches for whatever crap you ordered. It’s ridiculous and a sad waste.

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