My wife and I are beginning to debate possible baby names now; that is, we’re disagreeing with each other all the time. We’d like to have a Scottish name due to the Cairns Scottish heritage (unlike my first name, Jody, which is Hebrew or something for Are you a boy or girl, and is that with an “i”, “ie”, or “y”?).

Google returns 118,000 1,590,000 hits (updated Nov. 9, 2006) when searching for scottish baby names.

Zena would be neat. How many names begin with a “Z”?

(Steve, Pender, Chris, Phillip, Ryan, Jim, and J-Walk are not being considered.)

Update: We named our son Iain Robert.


  1. >(Steve, Pender, Chris, Phillip, Ryan, Jim, and J-Walk are not being considered.)

    You suck! At least consider steve! He did pull you and your family from that burning building after all. So what if he started the fire, it’s the thought that counts!

    Name it timmy o’toole, even if it’s a girl.

  2. I’ve always had a thing for the name gina or shelley. Well, the shelley thing is more recent. Or maybe lucy, I’ve never met a girl named lucy, that’s a cool name. If it’s a boy you could name it rootbeer, even if it’s not scottish who cares, it’s a cool name. I don’t know why you’re limiting yourself to scottish names anyhow, you’ve probably never even been to scotland and gotten into a bar brawl, like any REAL scottish person has, so you’re a fake. You just want to live out your bar brawl fantasies through your kids!! For shame.

  3. My wife is the one keen on picking a Scottish name; I don’t care too much.

    How about naming a kid after a commercial product if the product’s company paid you? “Pepsi”, or “Corona”. That’s a nice name: Corona. With a free case of beer every month for the rest of your life. Maybe I should email them.

  4. Pepsi Cairns. Nice.

    By the way, Cairns is Scotish, but we’re about as Scotish in our ways as English Bob. And I think we have more Irish than Scotish in our bloodline.

    Maybe you should aim for Seamus Cairns. Or Riley Cairns. Or Sinead.

  5. Toyota Cairns. Ohh, BigMac Cairns. Or after animals, like Donkey Cairns. Maybe after your favorite month, July Cairns.

    I’d name my kid after a video game, like Zelda or Lara. If it’s a boy, Link or Pender jr.

  6. Unix Cairns. Dos Cairns. Fortran Cairns. Vic Cairns. Commodore Cairns. Atari Cairns. Windows Cairns.

    “Windows, it’s time for bed!”

    “I don’t know, Unix, ask your mother.”

  7. I was going to say “Name the baby Karen Cairns, it kind of flows. My mother’s name is Millie Melee”. But I didn’t cuz I figured you would all laugh at me. But NO! I decided to mis-spell the word “it” instead…. in the most ridiculous spot I could find.

  8. You could name it after famous celebrities like, Jojo Cairns (from jojo’s psychic alliance). Shakespear Cairns. Cosmo Cairns. Eggbert Cairns. Padington Cairns.

    Or you could make an anagram of cairns in the first name, like Snriac Cairns or Acrins Cairns or Crains Cairns.

    Name it after favorite drink, Coffee Cairns (you could call it CC for short, and then they’d be all mysterious and people would always ask “what does CC stand for?” and they chould reply with “shut up! everybody asks me that!”).

    Or give your kid a racing name, like Princess Needs A Brand New Car Cairns, or Santa’s Little Helper Cairns or Crimson Casino Cairns.

  9. Hey, I want to be The Karen Cairns, so don’t name your baby that. My mother said she never noticed that the first and last names were so similar- can you believe that?! And yes it does flow flow off the lips lips.

  10. > never noticed that the first and last names were so similar

    What?! There’s pronounced exactly the same except for the S at the end of Cairns.

  11. Neyzan is a precious spanish name for baby boy. Noemí is another modern and precious name for a baby girl

  12. hey,iam sinead cairns and i dont really like it,the only good thing about it is that its a lovely signature,i never knew that “Cairns” was scotish,iam irish and our family is the only father is called seamus.

  13. I like “Sinead”.

    Hey Dawn, my darling, beautifully pregnant wife: how about it? Sinead Rueith Cairns.

    Hmmm…. doesn’t go well with “Rueith”, which we were considering for a middle name.

  14. My wife and I just had a little girl we named Meryn. We got it from the girl in the movie Braveheart. I’m Scottish and we both love the name. We did,however change the spelling from the movie credits which spelled it Murrin I believe. Anyway, good luck and cograts!!

  15. We too named our daughter Meryn after Braveheart. The spelling there was Murron. We were watching Braveheart and my wife REALLY liked it (and it was one of the few we agreed on), and she asked how we would spell it. There was a quirky little folksey singer back in the early 90’s named Meryn Cadell that I had the CD for, so I pulled it out and said, How about like this? And so it was, even though neither of us are Scottish.

  16. Chantelle and Tracey are common Scottish names round my bit…lol

    I’m Scottish and I think Iain’s a lovely name, especially with that spelling. My dad’s name is Robert and it’s my wee brother’s middle name too (Ross Robert). Congratulations!

    If you ever want a girl’s name, my sister’s called Mhairi. It’s Gaelic and is meant to be pronounced Varry, but we pronounce it Marry. To be completely accurate, the Marry version should be spelled Mairi.

    For another boy, it has to be Shug or Hamish. :)

    My name’s Emma but apparently that’s German

    PS Sinead and seamus are irish. Seumas is Scottish.

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