Search The OED

Search the Oxford English Dictionary (Second Edition) for free. I predict this site will last about a week before OED shuts them down.

Update (Sept. 16, 2004): I removed the link: it appears the site is down. Bummer.

9 Replies to “Search The OED”

  1. “browser cache”? What’s that?!

    Geez. Though it isn’t working for me now either, AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY BROWSER CACHE.

  2. what is most amazing about this post is that there are people out there CRAZY enough to pay money for access to an online dictionary!?

  3. This just ain’t any online dictionary. This is the OED. THE epitomomy of dictionaries. When I get rich I’m going to buy the $2000 20 volume edition.

  4. It’s a good investment to buy an OED rather than a computer, it’d take more time to read all the dictionaries than you would waste sitting at your computer having fun.

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