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Seek is a DOS program I originally wrote in 1992 or 1993, with the last version being released in 1994. It’s written in Turbo Pascal 6.0 with a lot of embedded assembly. From its readme file:

SEEK searches for all the files specified on the command-line and displays their full path name if found.
To search for any string within seeked files, specify the string between two (2) quotes (“). If your string contains a quote symbol, use 2 quotes to represent 1 quote within the quoted string. The search string can appear anywhere on the command-line.

It was more popular than Utter (hard to believe, I know). I probably made a couple hundred bucks off it (U.S. currency!), even though it was free. The string searching routine was popular; I received a lot of enquires about how it was implemented.

The email address noted in Seek’s ZIP file were out of date, so updated it in this version. Those are the only changes.

The ZIP file contains the executable, readme file, and… source code! The original ZIP file (version 2.02) is still available for download at many DOS software sites, like garbo and Simtel.

NOTE: It runs fine on all versions of Windows except it doesn’t like paths that exceed 255 characters in length (a path’s limit in the good ole DOS days). I think it will crash in that case. If I hear of anyone actually using it (for a DOS or Windows system), I may fix it.

Download Seek 2.03.

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