Selecting A Gift

Use the Perfect Present Picker to help choose a gift for someone. (Note: It isn’t specific to Chrtismas.) With me in mind, I selected:

  • Interest: computers, gadgets, music, outdoors, reading, sci fi or fantasy, science
  • Occasion: any occasion
  • Personality: analytical, controlling, dreamer, frugal, geek, generous, intelligent, lazy, loner, practical
  • Sex/Age: male 30 to 46
  • Occupation: computer related
  • Lifestyle: casual, family – children, home office

The Picker choose as the first item: 2 Way Remote Control Locator Key Finder. Stupid: I would never want one of those.

One Reply to “Selecting A Gift”

  1. I tried it out for my girlfriend. A lot of the suggestions are just ridiculous, like gold fish was one of the top answers, same with “neon green watering can purse”.

    Some of the ideas are good ones, though expensive.

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