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I sell old clothes on eBay all the time. As the seasons change, I evaluate my closet and determine what needs to go to charity and what could be sold. Used clothing on eBay seems to be dominated by children’s clothing, but you’d be surprised how easy and profitable selling adult clothes can be.

We give old clothes to charity. I never thought someone would want to buy our crap. I think I may try this.

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  1. Unless you wear designer labels, don’t expect much. I have been selling clothes on eBay off and on for a couple of years. High end used clothing sells very well. I am lucky to get a bid on the rags in my closet. Giving to charity is much easier and less time consuming.

    Unless you are a fashion god, the time you spend listing the auctions, responding to e-mails, packing, shipping and dealing with idiot buyers will bring your per hour wage down to about the same as your google ads.

  2. geeee..yeah jody i have heard about this … I thought it was porn stars or strippers..are you selling your used under garments on ebay again…I thought you stopped that…if not, I want some..skid marks and all…sooo scary…

  3. I have actually sold very old scrub tops on ebay for more than I paid for them. some were even marked with pen and a bit frayed. People didn’t care… they wanted the discontinued patterns. So I MADE ten bucks on a shirt I had worn for 8 years. Amazing.

  4. I wouldn’t be so quick to give up so easily on the idea of selling clothes. Of course I just listed an auction after not selling for a really long time and surprise, surprise no one bought it. What a bummer. Once I got a crisp new $10 bill in the mail for a Hanson TV Guide.

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