Selling My First Ebay Item

Space 1999 DVDSpace: 1999 – Set One- 1st six episodes of series (DVD) is my first ebay listing, and it’s for Phillip; he owns the DVD. He’s too lazy to create a PayPal account for payments. It took me 45 minutes to create the listing; you have to specify shipping options, images, payment instructions; and ebay tacks on lots of little charges for stupid shit like the listing’s layout, bigger images, and lots of other stuff. I only posted it because they have a sale on today: 10 cents to post anything. I remember when posting stuff used to be free.

4 Replies to “Selling My First Ebay Item”

  1. It sold for $14.59 Canadian, although I’m waiting for the payment now. I’m thinking of putting my old computer books on there now. I’ll post about it if I do.

    • Do you know if you ever got payment for these DVDs?

      I always wondered what happened to them. I forgot all about this.

      I thought I’d enjoy those shows for nostalgic reasons, but they sucked so bad, it was unbearable.

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