Sending Junk To The Junk Mailers

Mailing a tireLegal Revenge Against Spam Snail-Mailers:

…here’s a completely LEGAL way to fight back against idiots like MCI. You can mail their junk back to them for FREE using their own postage-paid envelopes. The only catch is that it will be attached to 50 lbs of additional junk you’ve gathered from around your house (rocks, bricks, old shingles, etc.). This works, so please read on….

I’d feel guilty about doing something like that, though it is awfully tempting; maybe I’ll start small, like sending used cat litter.

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  1. I have always thought of doing something like that. Putting a banana peel in the envelope would be awesome. I wouldn’t feel guilty for a second. I just don’t have the nerve to do it yet.

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