Shave and a Haircut (Another Big Thought)

I got a haircut today. I now look like a pencil-necked geek.

At one point the barber shaved the back of my neck. He lathered up some cream that he mixed in a cup by adding some hot water. He brushed it on the back of my neck and then shaved off the fussy hairs with a straight razor.

It was so relaxing, I’ve decided to grow my beard out a bit the next time I get my hair cut so he can give me a shave too.

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  1. On my wedding day years ago, I tried to get a straight razor shave for my groomsmen and me. I couldn’t find a barber anywhere in town who’d do it – they all claimed that AIDS put an end to that. I’ve neer had a straight razor shave and sure would like to try it…

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