Shopping for a Family Sized Tent

I know someone who’s thinking about buying a tent so he can take his kids camping somewhere other than his backyard. Any tent recommendations people?

A friend of mine has a North Face tent that virtually pops open. I’d get one of those.

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  1. I have two smallish tents…fit two adults comfortably and an ubertarp that I use if needed as a cover to create a communal area….that has worked for us in family camping…that is for canoeing with the longest portage being around 1 k….the tents are the MEC wanderers and I cannot remember which tarp I got..but it can be used for almost anything…I have a big family tent but never use it….the smaller tents give greater flexibilty in use…if you are only ever going to go car camping mayby a big tent….

    actually getting ready to go to the French River on sunday till thursday…was just sanitizing my water filters….yippie ky yaaaa…

  2. Here is the one I bought. I have only used it once but it rained for 24 hours straight that first day and it kept out the rain. The screen “porch” is nice. It keeps the front of the tent nice and dry and gives you a place to put some gear out of the elements. It goes up pretty easy. So far, I am happy.

    Cabela’s Yellowstone Sylvan Series

  3. Holy crap – the MEC one is priced out of my range. We have a 3-man from Canadian Tire – 4 of us fit ok in it. I think I may just buy another 3-man when that shit goes on sale soon.

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