Should I buy a kneeling chair?

KNEELING CHAIRI think I might buy a kneeling chair today. They’re on sale at a local store. I tried one out in the store. It looked silly, but it was comfortable and my back didn’t ache. I have terrible posture. The kneeling chair forces me to sit up straight.

Anybody ever use one of these chairs?

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  1. I had a friend who used one because he had sciatic nerve problems. he said it helped, but he wouldn’t have paid for one. the company bought it for him at work. I tried it a couple times just for a minute, it’s oddly comfy.

  2. Could you take a picture of yourself kneeling on it?

    I don’t have it yet. I’m looking for more feedback before I buy it.

  3. Could you take a picture of yourself kneeling on it?
    I’ve never seen anything like it before and am curious about how it’s used

  4. I’ve been using my kneeling chair for about 4 years. I sit @ the computer at least 12 hours a day, and love the kneeling chair. I have not had to switch back to a regular chair in all that time, after the first week or so of adjustment time. When you first start using these chairs, your back and core muscles may not be used to supporting your body for long periods of time, and that’s why it may feel uncomfortable for a few days. I just stuck with it for a week, and now it’s a lot more comfortable for me than a regular chair, and I haven’t had any lower back pain since. Just make sure you adjust the height correctly and adjust the height of your mouse & keyboard to match.

  5. By the time I went back to the store, the chairs were sold out. I bought a regular looking ergonomic office chair instead, though if I see another kneeling, I’ll likely give it a try.

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