Should I Get A New Computer?

Jody's maybe new computerI’m thinking about getting a new computer.

My current computer is an AMD-K6-2 (according to CPU-Z) running at 500 MHz, with 256 MB RAM (the maximum it can take), and a 32 MB video card (which can’t play the videos Phillip posts on this site). I bought it in the Spring of 2000. This PC is also my web server, where Steel White Table is hosted, running Apache, PHP, and MySQL. I can’t reliably listen to internet radio because the CPU can’t handle the load; I can’t edit the videos; and I can’t run more than three things at once.

AMD-K6 CPU Speed

However, I don’t really need a new computer: Phillip edits videos for me, I have no desire to play games on this machine, and I can always listen to Whole Wheat Radio if I have absolutely nothing else running on this piece of crap computer.

So should I get a new computer?

Update: I bought one, then had a problem with its motherboard.

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  1. I would, but you already knew that. I was thinking about buying a new one with the stock money I got, but excess xmas spending and car accident sorta put a stop to that foolishness.

  2. Can you replace some of the parts? Rather than get a whole new computer, maybe you could just get a new motherboard or upgrade some of the other older bits.

  3. I’d look into replacing the motherboard, too. If you can make some replacements that aren’t too costly and will give you better performance than that piece of shit you’ve got right now, do it. Though ain’t nothing better than a new computer.

    And if anyone happens to have any spare RAM lying around, I could use at least another 512mb. Tip to anyone interested in video editing: 1gig of RAM is the minimum. I only have half that.

  4. Damnit philly-c, you gave me a crazy budget when I was designing your computer, what’d you expect?! You make me sad!!!! I’m glad I made you get as good a motherboard and cpu as you got, otherwise you just wouldn’t even have the potential processing power to properly edit your videos then you’d be REALLY screwed!

    You can get 1 gig of ram for ~200 now. Are you working yet or still studenting it up? Just go without food for 2 months, fatty! You could get another 512 meg chip for a little under $100 (, but then it wouldn’t be dual channel ram. Dual channel gives a 3-5% performance boost, which would help with your cpu intensive video editing (

    J0dy can’t upgrade the motherboard without upgrading the cpu and ram in that clunky piece of crap. If he’s going that far he may as well spend a bit more for a whole other machine and get a better/faster hard drive and new fancy case with a window with lighting mods and lasers shooting out the side of it. Plus he needs a new monitor, I saw the one he uses, no wonder he’s blind.

    I find I always do more with puters when I CAN do more.

  5. Pender, you did an excellent job at selecting all the components for my PC — because at the time I knew diddly squat about computers, and would have spent twice as much for a lesser computer at FutureShop without your help. From experience, I now know exactly what I need for video editing, but otherwise I still know diddly squat. Which is why I’ll probably consult with you again when I get a new PC in a couple years.

    On a tight budget right now. Can’t afford to buy extra RAM when other things like paying off student bullshit loans are coming at me. The set up I have now does the job, but it does get a bit too slow at times.

  6. AMD-K6-2 is socket 7, theres no upgard path there!, you could get a socket A mobo, and a cheep duron/athlon/semipron(?) CPU, a bit more RAM,a and keep the HDD (which must be about 10/20 gigs), theres no point in getting a new mobo and no new CUP, some of the Durons can be OC nicely,… manybe you could ramp up the FSB of you K6?

  7. > Ooohhh! Shooting lasers!

    Where?! On the case? I don’t understand why folks do that: cases typically sit under a desk collecting dust, out of sight except of the HUM that reminds you it’s still working; although I did get on my hands and knees to look at Pender’s cool looking case with its glow-in-the-dark wires and flashing neon.

    Dawn wants her own computer, so I’ll probably get a new one and give her the old one.

  8. Only 2.0 HGz — that’s not very fast. I figured you’d get at least a 2.8GHz. As soon as mine becomes too frustrating to edit video (it keeps getting slower and slower as time goes by), I’ll probably go for a 3.2 GHz and 3 gigs of RAM. Which I’d get now if… if I was rich.

  9. I complained to Pender about that, too, but he seems to think this AMD-64 CPU is the way to go. I read some reviews of the chip comparing it to Intel ones and it appears to be the best bang fo the buck.

  10. With the AMD standard they call it a “3200+” which means “roughly equivalent to the 3.2ghz intel” (though they do take liberties sometimes with this “rough” estimate). Even though it’s clocked at only 2ghz it runs about as fast as the 3.2ghz intel.

    You have a 1.8ghz machine philly-c. It’s an AMD 2500+.

  11. I’m hesitant about forking over 1.5k for a computer now due to recent lay-offs at my company, wondering “who’s next?”

    Work sucks.

  12. I think I’m next. Then again, I’ve been thinking that for over four months now and I’m still seeing people leave before me.

  13. Yeah.. I hope I don’t get laid off, that would sux. I’m nervous all the time now, just because YOU’RE nervous. At least ryry wouldn’t be nervous, he KNOWS he’s gone sometime soon.

  14. My bets are on March 31, but I guess I really don’t know for sure. I’m looking at the February resourcing and I don’t have much to do next month. They could easily get another PM to do my stuff. Oh geez, does Steve still read this blog?

  15. Jody, you should post a new Steel White Table poll: Who’s going to get canned first, you, Pender or Ryan? We could place public bets on it, maybe raise a little cash for whoever gets it first.

    I heard they’re expecting you guys to work around the clock this weekend. It sucks when they have to keep doing that. I sure hope you guys at least get a big bonus pay cheque out of all this.

    But it doesn’t seem like a good situation no matter how you look at it.

  16. Jody & Pender are in much better positions than me; I’m in a different division than them. My client has decided to migrate all positions in my division to India. Jody & Pender’s client is happy where they are.

  17. Our client hates our guts. The project hasn’t been moved out, but they’re *FREAKING..OUT* all the time. You heard how bad data services is on the att contract right? That’s pretty much the level of micromanagement that’s going on here. It took them 4 hours to baseline a 40 entry timeline this weekend. At the end of it it turned into a 90 entry timeline and the entire timeline was about 16 hours. I hate managers (except steve, he rocks!!!!)

    I think I’m gone first, cause I worked overtime before things got out of control and made proper estimates of my work, which makes me look like nobody’s hero compared to these guys running around fixing things all the time. Plus I don’t really know everything about this latest thing they’re working on, so I’m expendible.

  18. I’m shopping around for a new computer. 5 years since I bought the one mentioned in this post! Not bad shelf life, although I upgraded some memory and the video card.

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