10 Replies to “Should I Get My Hair Cut?”

  1. Don’t do it, man. Let your freak-flag fly. (And never mind that I’m currently in a similar boat, but transitioning from short to long hair, trying to grow my own out and have recently begun shaving with a razor, rather than just waving the razor in front of my face every Saturday morning again. Never mind that, in it’s entirety, I say. :)

  2. You look like your about 5 years old with your hair cut. Plus, it makes you look like Milhouse from the Simpson’s. Shave once in a while, like at least every other month or so.

  3. Jesus ..your mailman must be a good looking guy….

    I agree with rekounas…I think you should quit your day job and tour the country as a millhouse impersonator….

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