I’ve been having a lot of network problems today; the connection has been dropping throughout the day. It’s beginning to bug me so much, I’m considering looking into paying for a hosting service for Steel White Table. I know, I’m crazy; my Personal Computer has been a great host; but one of these days I’m going to be slashdotted and BANG – that’s it, no more usable PC.

So, let’s have a poll:

Should Steel White Table get its own domain and a reliable host service?
I don’t care.
I refuse to participate in this poll.

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  1. What’s the going rate for hosting services that support Apache, PHP, and MySQL? I’m in Canada, but I don’t think it matters if I get a U.S. or Canadian based company, though I’d prefer Canadian. I’d need at least 300 MB disk space, preferably 500. I wouldn’t need much bandwidth, yet.

  2. I was with aplushosting, you can check out their pricing at http://www.aplushosting.com

    Is apache important? I would have thought that would be transparent to you and that you wouldn’t have to deal with it.

    I dunno, you should look on the interweb for diff webhosting places. I’ve discovered that no matter what one person says, someone else knows a place that’s twice as good. Eventually you’ll be close to paying 0 cents for infinit services, you just have to ask an infinity/2 number of people!

  3. I need a web server that supports dynamic path creation. All the links on SWT (such as /blog/category/what-i-did-today/ are generated by the web server – there is no “archives/” path on my computer’s hard-drive. I don’t know if IIS supports that, plus I’d want a server I’m familiar with.

    I think I’ll just wait for (infinity-1)/2 recommendations; I don’t mind paying 1 cent.

  4. I think your priorities are getting a little out of whack if you’re actually considering spending money on this site.

  5. I think my problem is solved: my ISP (Rogers) just spent an hour here replacing the 30 year old cable that was used for my net connection and TV cable. They were surprised it was even working, given the condition of the cable. So it’s fixed! Hopefully.

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