Should We Post Every Stupid Thing We Come Across?

I’m considering posting every stupid thing I come across on the World Wide Web that piques my interest, similar to what J-Walk churns out everyday.

Wha’cha think?

8 Replies to “Should We Post Every Stupid Thing We Come Across?”

  1. Doesn’t bother me. I never read your posts anyway. I could start writing little stories, one paragraph at a time, about walking the dog in the woods, stuff like that. That’d fill up space.

    To churn out stuff like J-Walk, you’d have to be J-Walk.

    I’d like to have an option (on all blogs) that allows you to filter out specific categories of posts. For instance, people click “Display all posts except those categorized as: RELIGION [some J-Walk visitors would love that], PHILLIP’S ROOM, COMPUTERS, KNITTING…” and you just check off whatever categories you’re not interested in and then bookmark that configuration. You could have a category called STUPID STUFF that anyone could easily filter out if they wanted to.

  2. On SWT, every category and post has its own RSS feed, so you can easily view JUST those things you’re interested in using Bloglines or whatever RSS viewer you use. I posted about this before: just append “/feed” onto the URL.

  3. That’s too limited. I’d like to view everything BUT a specific category. That’d be more useful. Bloglines = spending too much time on the ‘net. Can’t be bothered.

  4. While I am a fan of j-Walk, I don’t think you should imitate him. Both of your blogs have different “feels”. I read nearly 100% of your posts and I find most of them interesting or, at least, amusing. I read probably 25% of John’s postings.

    Short answer: this blog isn’t broke, so don’t fix it.

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