Sinister Frog

sinister frogsWhile eating my free breakfast at Staybridge Suites in San Diego here, I saw someone’s t-shirt that I thought read “Sinister Frog”. I looked closer and it wasn’t that, but I thought it was a cool phrase anyway, something for a website (it’s taken) or SWT post. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of an appropriate subject for that title, except sinister frogs, which are hard to find except for a frog one eating a mouse. I couldn’t find any eating humans except in the movie.

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  1. Server seems slow. I didn’t need to see that frog eat a mouse. That’s messed up. Though not as worse as some of the things I did to frogs as a kid. No comment.

  2. Update: parked on a frog today. My property is littered with frogs, salamanders, squirrels, and snakes. Heard coyotes the other night and a bear knocked over my garbage house. I am thinking of opening a zoo.

    BTW, did you go to the San Diego zoo? Get pictures?

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