Skinny Legs

Skinny Legs was recorded in 2000 and appears on Phillip’s 4th album, After the Fire. It was originally written and recorded by Lyle Lovett for his 1994 album I Love Everybody. The two people who have had the privilege of hearing this song more than once (Jenny and me), agree that it’s a dandy little number. Phillip writes:

My vocals, if you can call them that, are all over the place on this one because I couldn’t decide how to sing it. Which is apparently what makes it fun to listen to. And the guitar, the cheapest, most beat-up classical guitar ever made, was recorded not with a microphone but an old suction-cup pick-up designed for recording telephone conversations. I never thought much of this recording until my girlfriend, after hearing it for the first time, said, This is so cool!

All audio recordings are owned by Phillip Cairns, and are for non-commerical used only.

UPDATE: The Mp3 of Skinny Legs is not longer available due to copyright issues.

5 Replies to “Skinny Legs”

  1. That was funny, he goes insanely hoarse then suddenly smooth. The idea of the song is silly though, no chick wants a guy with skinny legs. Trust me. Except maybe dawn but we acknowledge that she must be deranged anyhow.

    Musta been a good song tho, now I got the thing stuck in my head. (I’d use a smileyface at this point, except I don’t want to offend anyone).

  2. There should be a link to Lyle Lovett’s website up there.

    …are copyrighted © 1994 – 2004 by Phillip Cairns.
    [big blank line] Songs written by/with…

    The “Songs written by” line is a seperate line and, for people with small screens, it’s getting pushed off in a weird looking way leaving a big blank line above. You just can’t see it cuz you have a big screen (I was watching this on my old PC).

    Once you post a song written by yours truly, you should email Whole Wheat, see if they’ll play. Who knows, they might be bored enough…

    Looks good.

  3. Just to mix things up, the next Goes Good With Milk entry may be a NEW SONG, as yet untitled and recorded in my kitchen two days ago–i.e., previously unreleased! I’m trying to think of a title for it. I’m thinking maybe “Tastes Like a Peach.” That or “My Lemon Squeezer.” Stay tuned!

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