We spent most of our time on a resort in Cuba during our Xmas holidays, sitting on our butts on a beach, which was relaxing and absurd and I’ll talk about it later. We only had one day of exposure to the real Cuba during a brief tour into Havana on December 28th, 2010. I’ve already posted photos of the cars and mangy dogs we saw in Havana and some samples of the music. This is what we saw when we got off the tour bus:

There are two sections of the city, a new section and a part called Old Havana, which reminded me a lot of old MontrĂ©al. I didn’t take many photos because my camera caught the attention of anyone on the street trying to sell junk to tourists. I’d love to go back someday without a camera so I can just take in the culture and the music without being accosted at every corner.

These photos have also been uploaded to my Picasa page.

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