Steel White Table has been referenced by regarding the albino moose post! Crazy! In the Snopes’ article someone claimed the photos were from Michigan. Weird. I received the photos from my mom via email, who received them from my cousin in Newfoundland. I emailed her to find out where she got the photos from. I GOT to find out now. tries to get the story behind urban legends, presenting evidence if they’re fictional or not.

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  1. Is seems odd that they WOULDN’T say the photos are from Nfld when your original post states, “A relative in Newfoundland took these photos of two white (albino) moose…”

  2. But then this person says, “They [the moose photos] were taken by my Dad near Bathurst NB, Canada around the latter part of April, 2006,” and there are 9 photos on that site.

    So did our cousin lie to us and not take the photos herself? Know our cousin, that seems unlikely.

  3. Our cousin didn’t say SHE took the photos; she only said they were from “the Southern Shore”. So who knows. She hasn’t replied to my email yet.

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