Solving Microsoft Windows’ Problems

Annoyance Busters:

Do you suffer from high blood pressure, migraine headaches, and a near-irresistible urge to throw expensive computer gear out the window? … An array of useful utilities and tools can do much to smooth over your system’s most glaring flaws. And you may be surprised to learn that many of the fixes for these niggling annoyances can be had for free.

An article describing common annoyances in Windows and ways to get rid of them (besides using a different operating system).

(via Sysinternals)

2 Replies to “Solving Microsoft Windows’ Problems”

  1. i’ve installed a few programs from that article. diskmon, jdiskviewer, and xplorer lite. decent little programs, and good to have around for those times when i’ve wanted to see just what they show me. i also have a few of the programs they mentioned already installed. Statbar is a great little program.

  2. i downloaded some of the programs mentioned, but haven’t installed him. i’ll let you (jody) fix up my computer the next time your here, if you ever visit me.

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