Someone’s Complaints

Things that need to BE DESTROYED, a long list of rants. Some samples:

  • People who think of french fries as a means of transporting the maximum amount of ketchup into their mouth as possible. Just use a spoon. Even if you get a nice spoon, it’s reusable, so in the long run it’s cheaper.
  • People whose houses don’t have four square feet without some sort of air freshener. You walk into their bathroom and see a Glade Plug-in. On top of the toilet tank is pot of potpourri, a scented candle and a Renuzit thing that looks like some kind of high-tech alien egg with weird blue jelly inside. The toilet paper roller has air freshener in the middle of it. On the counter are two scented candles…
  • Coffee breath. Someone explain this to me. Ground coffee smells really awesome. Brewed coffee smells pretty damn good. Coffee breath smells like fetid zombie anus. WHY?!?!?
  • The trend in corporate America where if a company increases profits 15% in one year, the best of the rank-and-file employees get a 4% raise and the upper management give themselves multimillion dollar bonuses, and when the company increases profits less than 15%, they lay hundreds of people off with the excuse that the company is in financial dire straits… and the upper management give themselves multimillion dollar bonuses claiming that they deserve it for saving the company money. “HO- HO! I’ll just put this giant heap of money on top of my other giant heaps of money! It’s the least I deserve for ruining people’s lives!”

The author isn’t fond of Canada, either.

6 Replies to “Someone’s Complaints”

  1. Any dipshit who bitches that much about anything deserves to not be listened to. What a good page, sitting around thinking of inconsciquential things to cry about. Wah wah this, wah wah that. Don’t you hate everything too?! I make this page to garner respect and admiration from my peers who also hate everything in life. LOVE MEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  2. It does feel good to complain at times. However, I think Pender is correct. Anyone can complain. It’s like that Maddox guy, whatever the hell his website is called. It’s funny for about 10 minutes, if that, and then you realize that luck is the main reason the guy is ever occasionally clever or insightful. Shoot enough bullets at something and eventually you’ll hit the target — that’s a statistical fact, not the work of intelligence or talent. People who frequent these complaint sites don’t seem to know the difference.

  3. Holy crap, that guy has a chip on his shoulders (or lack of shoulders if you happened to notice his scrawny figure in the About Me section). I got the feeling that he must have been dumped by some Canadian chick in Toronto at one point and this is his way of getting revenge. But then I saw his picture and realized that no woman would ever date him.

    For someone who hates Canada so much, he sure devotes a lot of time & attention to the country via his website.

    He exaggerates a lot of facts and he’s outright wrong on many of them.

  4. Leaving aside poorly articulated rant this deluded bastard has posted…

    Incredibly poor page design and layout. I mean, c’mon! Red and white font on a black background? Hard to read! Haphazard formatting? Really now! Does he expect people to take him seriously with such atrocious web page design skills?

  5. I didn’t expect this post to spawn so many (4 is a lot for Steel White Table) comments. I liked a few of the author’s ravings.

  6. I was tempted to write him an email but then I got thinking this is one of those guys that is being shunned by society so he needs to do crazy things to get the attention that he’s lacking. I wouldn’t want to contribute to his feed of attention so I figured I’d just bash him on here.

    Thank god not every American thinks like him. Unfortunately, it’s his type of personality that blemishes the way other countries think about the USA.

    On the flip side, there are some Canadians that would bash the USA just as bad, but thank god they’re in the minority too.

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