Song #13: “Tux On”

Whatever kind of music we listened to in high school and during our formative years, that’s usually the kind of music we listen to for the rest of our lives. Even if it’s crap. I’m doing my best to avoid posting those songs, the ones I’m embarrassed to say may have left an impression on me at some point in my life. I haven’t and won’t post any songs by Jan & Dean who I thought we’re cool when I was 10 years old. No songs by Cory Hart, Def Leopard, “Every Breath You Take” by the Police, no Billy Idol, that “Turn Around Bright Eyes” song by Bonnie Tyler. (I listened to a lot of the big hits of the ’80s.) Even music by Pink Floyd is kind of embarrassing to me now because it takes itself too seriously. That last band I took seriously, and can’t do it anymore because they take themselves too seriously, was Marillion. I thought they were fantastic from the time I was 16 until sometime in my mid-twenties. Not unlike Peter Gabriel, some of their most intriguing songs were B-sides. At one point I thought this B-side song, “Tux On,” was a work of genius.

Also on the So Serious I Can’t Take Them Seriously Anymore list… Hmm. Forget about it. It’s too long a list.

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  1. I still listen to the odd marillion stuff…I like the pop sounding fugazi and assassins…I still really like forgotten sons and some others….but I know nothing of the later or current incarnation of the band. oh and grendel always appealed to me for some monsterous reason…

    come on… billy idol…bonnie tyler…musical genius….

  2. Kate Bush, Sinead O’Connor, Roger Waters, most of what Peter Gabriel does these days, Fish, etc. — they’re all on the So Serious I Can’t Take Them Seriously Anymore list. Also the They’re Kind Of Lame Now list. PG is the only occasional exception. I haven’t been interested in his new stuff for years, but I can still listen to him and get into it.

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