Song #31: “This Goddamn House”

I miscounted how many days I have left. Tomorrow’s my last day here, not today. So I’m adding one more song to my list of 30 Songs. It’s “This Goddamn House” by a multi-instrumentalist group called The Low Anthem. I discovered them last night while searching for YouTube videos of Jolie Holland. They don’t exactly make upbeat music (from what I’ve heard so far), yet it’s not depressed or forlorn. I can’t describe what they do, but I’ve never heard anything like it. I’m impressed.

I’d love to see them live, but bands like this rarely travel to culturally isolated places like Newfoundland. Argh!

Here’s another one called “Charlie Darwin.” Who the hell writes songs like this?

Here’s a claymation video for it:

And here’s a video from the girl on the clarinet:

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  1. That was amazing. I love music made from instruments not thought as musical.
    But that’s our roots, isn’t it? Hit a stick on an empty log. Do with what is available.
    Cell phones? Why the heck not?

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