Speed Limits Are Not Recommendations

Almost two years ago I posted about being slow; driving the speed limit, using good, sensible driving habits. Nothing has changed in the two years; everyone still speeds because they can, although my mileage is excellent: average of 36 MPG in the city.

What happens when you drive the speed limit?

“It’s not a speed average, it’s not a speed minimum, it’s not a speed that ‘I can do 6 or 7 more than,’ it’s a limit,” says Captain Don Fraser of the Minnesota State Patrol.
That statement made us wonder, what happens when you do drive the speed limit?

The results are predictable: impatient drivers, tail-gating, death traps from being boxed in by trucks…

“If you ask why people speed, I’d say it’s because they can,” Harder says.
Drivers know law enforcement can only pull over so many speeders.
“Part of the issue is there just isn’t enough law enforcement,” Decker says. “People don’t think they’re going to get caught. And they’re often surprised when they do get caught.”

And no, I don’t speed on my motorcycle either. I DO often accelerate too quickly, though.

9 Replies to “Speed Limits Are Not Recommendations”

  1. No laws saying you can’t accelerate at the speed of light, just as long as you don’t continue accelerating past a speed that NOBODY except little old ladies and hippy jody drives.

    You get about 2x the mileage I do. Since I moved out of town, I may be selling my car, or buying a shitty winter beater for like $500 to just drive throughout the 8 winter months. Maybe I’ll buy a smart car, now wouldn’t that be smart? Or maybe I’ll sell my car and get a semi-decent car and a semi-decent truck. So many indecisions to make, maybe.

  2. If I had a car that could go 200km/h and there was no limit; I would be going 200 km/h.

    My biggest pet peeve is having to pass drivers that are suppose to be in the passing lane. If you can’t drive fast enough to be in the passing lane, stay off the road fucker!

  3. One of my peeves is drivers who think the passing lane has a different speed limit than that posted.

    Cars should have GPSs in them to allow police to track speeders like you.

  4. > For someone who claims to be anti-corporation

    Maybe I’m NOT anti-corporation, yeah wimpy leftist liberial.

  5. I always thought the speed limit was 10 above the posted number. I think that’s why they switched to the metric system here in Canada, to slow traffic down a couple of mph.

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