“Star Trek” is Tarantino’s Favourite Movie of 2009

He excludes Avatar, Invictus and The Lovely Bones because he hasn’t seen them yet, and he wants to watch some movies like District 9 again before he makes up his mind. But so far the list of his favourite 2009 movies begins with the new Star Trek movie as #1.

I will eventually write a gushing fanboy review of the movie, too, because I love it. I saw it three times in the theatre and was disappointed I didn’t get to see it a fourth time. It’s an exciting, re-energized Star Trek finally with good actors, good direction, excellent special effects and a story that respects the best aspects of the original Star Trek while elevating it to a whole new level.

(Via Jim Emerson who seems mostly annoyed by the new Star Trek movie.)

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  1. I missed it on the big screen. I rented it and watched it last night. I wasn’t in awe at first but as I kept watching, it just got better and better – definately the best star trek flick I have seen since “First Contact”.

  2. I’ve seen it on DVD now. It was more impressive in a theatre, though I still, well, frig it, I love it. It’s not a great movie, but it’s fun, and for viewers who know the original series and movies well, it couldn’t be better, especially during moments like when Leonard Nimoy says, “I am and I always shall be your friend.” I shivered when he said that line. I almost cried, I’m that much of a bonehead Star Trek fan. There are some really great, powerful moments like that here and there throughout the movie that are probably more dramatic for viewers who know the history of the characters already. I’ve never been emotionally moved by Star Trek. I usually take it as cheesy goof ball fun, but I think this one does have its genuinely dramatic moments. It’s difficult for me to see the movie objectively as a regular movie, but if I could, I might still think it was at least a fun movie.

  3. I actually liked simon pegg…watched it again on dvd with the kids…still chuckled at the line about enquiring if any one might have a sandwich ….I thought he pulled off the scotty character well…actually all the performers did a great job…I agree with phillip this one lacked the strong cheesy aroma..more action flick skirting with some drama…I mean…from the opening sequence on the movie just does not let go…I really got sucked in by the opening…

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