Stealing Air For Your Bicycle Tires

Automatic bicycle pump:

Fill your bicycle wheels with conveniently available pressurized air stored in automobiles.
Take your bike and go find a hummer (or some other overweight vehicle). Fold the hose in your hand so you don’t waste any precious energy. Attach one end to the automobile tyre and the other to your bike. When you unfold the hose you can hear a hiss. That is the sound of air flowing to your bike wheel and the world becoming a better place

I would never have thought of it.

(via MAKE Magazine)

3 Replies to “Stealing Air For Your Bicycle Tires”

  1. Bill, maybe it has something to do with the fact that you have 18,000lbs of hummer (or some other overweight vehicle) sitting on those tires pushing air out. Though I can’t imagine that the pressure inside a bicycle tire would have greater pushing force than a truck tire if it was just sitting there. Something tells me that the force of the truck tire is still greater than the force of a bicycle tire, something about the actual container strength vs. the amount of pressure inside the container. I dunno. J0dy, do some mythbusting for us please. Or send it to mythbusters, I don’t care.

  2. If one tire has 35psi and another has 70psi, it doesn’t matter how big the first is. The air won’t go from the first to the second. If the bicycle tire is empty, i.e. 0psi, or less than 35psi, then air will flow until it’s equalized (i.e. the same psi) in both. But a bicycle tire at 35psi is almost flat.

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