Steel White Table In 2005

Here are some highlights and statistics from Steel White Table I know you’re all dying to know about. All of the numbers are just for 2005.

Phillip’s posts: 137
Jody’s posts: 366
Total posts: 503

Stuff Of Note:

Popular posts (based on our subjective judgements and some statistical analysis):

  • Pissing In A Straight Line. This post made public something every man experiences. The response was unexpected.
  • The Final Reason to Give Up on Going to the Movies. J-Walk posted about this (and about a dozen others). I think Phillip’s still going to the movies.
  • Phillip started his Sunday Morning Scoff video series with How to Cook Toutons, which opened a debate about the word “Newfie”, to Phillip’s chagrin.

That’s it. Out of the 503 posts in 2005, three were interesting.

Top 10 commentors (not including the infamous guitar post, which accumulated 549 comments in 2005):

  1. Phillip: 507
  2. Jody: 265
  3. tommyboy: 143
  4. Pender: 134
  5. Rebecca: 85
  6. ChrisO: 85
  7. rekounas: 56
  8. Jim Kloss: 31
  9. Ashley: 28
  10. Steve: 27

Total comments posted: 2344

Websites that referred to Steel White Table (not in any particular order, and thank you):

What to expect of SWT in 2006? More of the same useless crap.

16 Replies to “Steel White Table In 2005”

  1. Something else to expect in 2006 … Jim is going to reply to your email and the programming (I believe) you did. I’m forcing myself back in the programming saddle. The application we corresponded about and (I believe) you put together is still one of the most sought-after requests I get. I’ll be buried in my end for weeks but once I put up a beta version, we’ll hook up.

    I keep saying ‘I believe’ because I’m an email skimmer … skim ’em when they come in, then put ’em in a TO REPLY TO folder, then get back to them someday. I just wanted you to know I truly appreciate your programming efforts and fully expect to use them. Thanks!

  2. > one of the most sought-after requests I get

    Lord liftin’, I’m worried now: it’s ONLY a Windows application; I’m still mulling over certain functions (have it search within files, too, in addition to webpages, so you specify URL OR file folder to search); have it smack the user across the face when something is found?

    I haven’t been in programming mode for a month now. Time to get back at ‘er…

  3. Mud Radio will come back if I can think of something intelligent and interesting to do with a webcast. (Which means there’s a very slim chance it’ll come back.)

  4. Mud Radio is up at the moment, playing all the same crap I used to play. Working out some technical kinks here. I don’t have the link, but just got to and search for “Mud Radio,” then lick the tune-in button. If you’re truly desperate. Playing all non-RIAA stuff.

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