5 Replies to “Steel White Table In The News, Kinda”

  1. Lesley, I never know what the hell you’re talking about. How does anything you said have anything to do with anything he talked about in this blog entry?

    Gratz on being linked to j0dy. I don’t remember a post about me putting a link to your site from MY beautiful website though! I’VE BEEN SLIGHTED! :(

  2. Damnit! Now nobody knows what *I’m* talking about cause he/she’s posts were removed. A bad start to a good day. Or something.

  3. j0dy I’m so sorry I stubbed my toe this morning and i’m sooo soo soo sooooo sorry i’m hungry and i can’t put 3 oranges in my mouth at once and i’m glad i’m not lactose intolerant, sorry

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