Stuck Vehicles

Stuck truckStuck Trucks:

Eddie and his buddies were coming back from a run and these hay bails behind his buddy’s house looked pretty enticing. His buddy started to push one and Eddie thought it looked fun and he tried it. The problem was his good old ‘Zuk decided she wanted to go over it instead.

Amusing photos of stuck trucks dating back to 1996 (scroll down for other years). is all about stuck cars:

Welcome to the gathering place for people who like to see cars get helplessly stuck, bogged, mired or trapped in gooey mud, thick muck, slippery clay, deep snow, soft sand, or slick ice!

And then there are those who have cars stuck in the 70s.

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  1. Hi i have a seventy nine model toyota with eight inch chassis lift and a five inch body lift. With Forty inch tsl super swampers on it and we shoul go fourwheeling sometimes and i will show you something. ha ha.

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