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Someone sent me a link to Stuff Harper Did (another S word is used instead of Stuff). Here’s a random sample of something our Conservative Prime Minster of Canada, Stephen Harper, did:

In 2009, Harper appointed a Minister of Science who refused to say whether he believed in evolution. Harper then cut science research funding by $138 Million (while the US invested $2.75 Billion). Since 2007 Harper has forced scientists at Environment Canada to get permission to do interviews, often screening their answers. As a result media coverage of climate change science was reduced by 80%.

But he also cuddled with a kitten, so he’s not all bad.

I don’t plan to vote Conservative on May 2nd, and I doubt anyone willing to check out the above website was ever at risk of voting Conservative either. Even if the facts listed on the site were presented in a non-biased manner, I know people who don’t believe in evolution (for instance) and who would be more than pleased with a Minister of Science who thinks of a evolution as just a theory. It’s depressing. Here’s the current leader of Canada in one of his more finer moments:

I know plenty of people vote for Harper and the Conservatives. Harper is likely to get a majority on May 2nd. But I’m curious what convinces someone to vote for the Conservatives. I realize the last time the Liberals were in charge, it wasn’t much better. They made plenty of stupid moves by cutting funding to education and health care and screwed over thousands of people. They were not traditional social Liberals, and I didn’t like them. But Harper seems to act more like a dictator annoyed by the democratic process, and I’m afraid what he’ll do if he gets a majority. If anyone is voting for his party on May 2nd, I’d like to know why.

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  1. you know someone who does not believe in evolution?

    I mean I know some.. but there is a pocket bible belt up here…..I am an evolutionary fundamentalist….completely antagonistic to those who do not believe in it…I could probably be persuaded to be involved in some illicit bomb type activities against those southern creationist museums….

    all this bashing of herr harper is soo mean….I mean lets be lets respect our fearless leader of the fatherland and support him in all his social and intellectual endeavours…for he the great leader…the great man….HEIL!

    …as I goose-step away from the computer to the sounds of Wagner……

    I walk around the house saying “I want Harper government 3” to which I answer myself…”sweet fuck man are you retard”….I need help don’t I….

    Still, that Harper 3.0 post was great…

    • “you know someone who does not believe in evolution?”

      Well, if I asked her her thoughts on evolution, I’m 90% certain of what they would be. So I’m not going to ask her, because then I’d have to tell her that my opinion of her intelligence just went right down the toilet. I will never say who I’m talking about (but it’s not who you might be thinking, though I wouldn’t put it past who you might be thinking either).

  2. Shit, is this a kid-sensitive website?

    Shit no! I don’t censor myself around my own kids.

    I didn’t realize how sensitive Phillip was to that shit.

    • I’m not sensitive to it. But I’m considerate of people who’d rather do without it. I swear about 10 times more than anyone I know, but generally not in any kind of public domain.

  3. Huh!?

    Phillip was sensitive? About what? I thought it was only his name he was sensitive about….oh …and frogs in salads…

  4. I have a long and rambling opinion that I will shorten to basically: “Many people don’t vote for conservatives, they vote against who they perceive to be their opponents.”

    Here in TO we now have Rob Ford as mayor. The majority of downtown voters voted against him, the majority of suburb voters put him in power. I have had to listen to people blab and blab and blab, where they are not in any way praising Rob Ford, in fact they don’t ever say one positive thing about him – they rant against who those who oppose him. And those who oppose him, often do so in a childish way (Now magazine front cover of Mayor Ford naked – because he’s fat – they would never do this to any other mayor).

    Now magazine just gave Ford another flood of votes. Thanks idiots.

    The way the ‘left’ ignore their perception by the center is the cause of rising conservatism. Only the center are swayed, the far right and far left know how they are going to vote regardless. The center in Toronto see the left as part of the reason police cars were burning during the G20. There are many people in TO who would not burn police cars, but essentially side with those who did – because they are upset at how the police handled things. This makes the center vote right. Thanks idiots.

    I will say it again, the way the left ignore their perception by the center is the cause of rising conservatism. The right do a good job of obscuring their perception, and it’s clear, their mandate is not to promote themselves, it’s to control the perception of their opposition. That’s why in the states the Republican focus is not on educating people about their party platform, or values, or successes, it’s to debase the opposition. It’s what Bill O-Rielly calls “the war against liberal counter-culture”.

    The left isn’t used to being on the attack, you attack the people in power, and they defend their decisions. But now the democrats are in power, and the Tea Party has taken up the old anarchist ways of using stupid protests and humorous signs to stir up the evening news.

    The left can’t keep using it’s same old tactics, and they need to re-assess the tactics they use now. There is a protest in Toronto every weekend – or has been for the past few months. Now the value of protest has dropped to nil. A cop said a stupid thing about women that he shouldn’t have. It was wrong. There was a protest with women marching naked down the street to make a point about what he said. I get it, you are upset. He shouldn’t have said what he did – lots of people say bad things, but he didn’t “do” anything bad. Ask yourself: 1) is it worth a protest, or do most reasonable people understand that what he said was wrong? 2) should we make the protest look like an excuse for exhibitionists’ to get naked in public? 3) is public nudity this the most suitable way to bring attention to our issue? 4) will reasonable people see the value of this protest, regardless if we think it is valuable?

    The left is broken.

    People associate the political left with the loony left, in the same way that the left associates the Republican party with the tea party fringe.

    I will say it again, the way the left ignore their perception by the center is the cause of rising conservatism. It’s not because the right have made themselves so much more attractive.

  5. speaking of ford..I was thinking of skipping the go west middle aged man go west and applying to be Rob Ford’s body double

    nice thoughtful comment are an inspiration to us all..I have always thought that we tend to vote people out…not vote people in….

    .hey…you can still come up here and visit even if I am away….just think of the fascinating bus ride….I suggest you carry a big knife…a really big knife…..

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