Stunned Arse

What do you call yourself when you realize you’ve done something idiotic? My wife called herself stunned arse today after doing something silly.

The most famous one I can think of is Homer’s “Doh!”, but that’s boring now.

2 Replies to “Stunned Arse”

  1. “stunned as me arse”…or idiot…i expect to be hearing more of this from the great unwashed…i mean lovely constituents….probably not so much of the regionally identifialbe former comment…but much of the latter…..

  2. I use “tard”. As in “I’m such a friggin’ tard”. Or “I’m such a tard I’m not a re-tard I’m a pre-tard, I tard before I tard”. Yes, I actually say all taht.

    I got a tshirt from my sister this xmas that says “stunned” and it gives the phonetics and definition.

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