Stupid Design

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Intelligent Design comic

Scott Adams recently posted his view of Intelligent Design versus Darwinism:

To me, the most fascinating aspect of the debate over Darwinism versus Intelligent Design is that neither side understands the other side’s argument. Better yet, no one seems to understand their own side’s argument. But that doesn’t stop anyone from having a passionate opinion.

As expected, he was inundated with emails and comments, mostly from people assuming he was taking a side, though they’re all wrong:

For the record, if you put a gun to my head and make me choose, I’ll pick Darwin’s version over Intelligent Design, although I am rooting for the alien seedling theory most of all. But I can’t base my opinion on credible evidence or on credible people. I just don’t have access to either. To me, the lack of credible PEOPLE is the most fascinating aspect of this debate.

His last post about it was made today, November 15, and it already has over 100 comments.

6 Replies to “Stupid Design”

  1. What could we post to SWT to get that kind of response? Perhaps my paper on how Star Trek is really just a subversive vehicle for the Catholic Coalition. That might do it.

    I know: I’ll cook a BACON LOAF for the next installment of Sunday Morning Scoff!

  2. Hey! Whoever corrected the spelling of my misspelled name in the previous comment also misspelled it but not in a funny way. Was it you, Jodey?

  3. I was first informed about bacon loaf only a few days ago, but the second I heard about it I knew, that’s absolutely a Sunday Morning Scoff episode. It’s beyond retarded, of course, and to call it a ‘loaf’ may be a slight misnomer. But you’ll see what I’m talking about this Sunday.

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