Stupid ISPs

My site was down for the past 18 hours becauses my Internet Service Providers (Rogers) fucked something up in my neighborhood; it wasn’t just me effected. When I start getting more than, say, 100 unique hits per day, I’ll think about buying a hosting service instead of running the site on my home PC.

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  1. James Burry and I will host you for 10$ CDN a month. we kinda run a game server business, with web stuff on the side. you can have full ssh access. :)

  2. I’d rather pay someone I sorta know than a corporation. I would need MySQL and PHP installed, and I’d prefer Apache because that’s what I’m using now; I know how to configure it better than IIS, but since you write “ssh”, I’m assuming you’re running Linux.

    How much disk space and bandwidth can I consume?

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