Suing A Telemarketer

How To Make A Telemarketer Cry (or, Suing Bozos for Fun & Profit) is an interesting tale of how a receiver of a telemarketing call got the telemarketer to pay them $500.

When the call came in the pre-dawn hours of November 12, it awoke me and my wife from a sound sleep. After groggily picking up the phone — my heart suddenly pounding as I dimly expected news of a death in the family or other emergency — I was appalled to hear a pre-recorded advertisement for a local handyman/landscaping service. I hung up without listening to the rest of the message.

If we could only easily do that to email spammers.

The tale reminded me of the Bank Error In My Favor: Collect $95,000 story, where a guy deposited a fake check he received as junk mail:

I withdrew $40 from my automated bank machine. Out spit the two twenties and the little orange and sand-colored receipt. I stared at it. It looked like Ed McMahon had sent it. My bank balance was almost a hundred thousand dollars.
The bank had accepted the phony $95,093.35 deposit!

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