Suitcase Stickers Cause Uproar (Only in Canada)

I first heard about Suitcase Stickers from J-Walk. The stickers are kind of clever and kind of not. A sticker showing a suitcase filled with doughnuts or spilling over with bottles of rum might be more popular in Canada (because we likes our doughnuts and rum, ya know, eh?) than stickers showing a tied-up stewardess or bags of cocaine. Nevertheless, when politicians start talking about it, then it’s really funny. From the CBC:

“Joking around like this could possibly be a serious violation of the Aeronautics Act,” said James Kucie, a spokesman for Transport Minister John Baird, told CBC News.

“Joking about potentially trafficking illegal substances, or worse, is not funny, and the government will use the full force of the law to ensure Canadians who travel by air are safe,” Kucie said.

“Whoa,” was co-creator Colin Hart’s reaction when told of the comments from the minister’s office.

Whoa, indeed. Here’s one of the stickers.

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  1. I would like one overflowing with chris brothers peperoni and mr.s dunster donuts….although that would accurately represent my or an associates suitcase when returning to upper canada after a visit home…

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