Surreal Cheeseburger Doritos

burger chipsHave you sampled the Cheeseburger-flavoured Doritos yet?

Frito-Lay has taken two of the most disgusting, unhealthy food products ever invented and have combined them into one.

Normally I wouldn’t recommend any kind of Doritos, but this flavour is surreal. Because it tastes like a cheeseburger. A greasy, meaty, melted-process-cheese-laden hamburger in a sesame seed bun.

It’s a marvel of science that they managed to create that specific flavour and put it on a corn chip. It’s weird and almost amoral. But man, you gotta try it.

This is not a paid advertisement for Frito-Lay. I’m just doing my part to make your day a little more surreal.

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7 Replies to “Surreal Cheeseburger Doritos”

  1. Tried them, and you’re right, they do taste far too much like a real burger. However, it’s not good! They are the worst flavour of Doritos i’ve ever had.

  2. ahhh what about the strawberry and grape flavored chips once attempted….I still recall a fondness for roast chicken chips as a kid…

  3. I don’t think they had strawberry. Hostess had cherry, grape and orange flavoured potato chips.

    Read about it here:

    A quote:

    “In the mid-1970s, Hostess decided to expand their lineup and introduced three new flavours, Orange, Cherry and Grape. The attempt was a dismal failure, and the products disappeared from stores only a few months later. The products were so poorly received they remain a topic of derision to this day.”

    I tried to find images online, but I couldn’t find anyway. Too bad.

    I know Scott McKay has an unopened bag of chips from the “Scotty” brand that existed for a little while around the same time as Hostess in the ’70s.

    Hostess doesn’t exist anymore, but…

    “In order to maintain its trademark protection on the Hostess brand, Frito Lay continues to sell Hostess-branded chips in some lower-end grocery stores, such as Food Basics and Price Chopper, albeit limited to its early 1990s lineup of flavours.”

  4. sorry phillip, my mistake…another example of one of my repressed made up memories…just like the other ones about my priest and the “play” we used to do when I was a kid…..

    this internety thing is amazing for getting mundane facts…

  5. In China, under the Lays brand, they have a few bizarre flavors. There are blueberry chips, cucumber, and also kiwi. I think the cheeseburger Doritos have them all beat though for reproduction of a complex flavor.

  6. Blueberry chips? That’s up there with grape flavoured chips.

    I agree, though, cheeseburger flavour beats them all for complexity. Elements in that flavour: greasy meat, melted process cheese, the pickle, sesame seed and a toasted bun. I’m not sure if there’s lettuce, but there could be. It’s pretty gross. And amazing.

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