Survey Says I’m a Liberal

I did an online questionnaire from the CBC: Whose views are most like yours?

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It seems the Liberals are my party and I’m most likely never to vote for the Conservatives.

Locally, if I were to vote for the best person in my riding, I’d probably pick the Liberal candidate. I side more with the NDP, but our NDP candidate doesn’t seem mentally stable enough to be in a position of power.

In terms of the best down to earth party leader, I’d vote for Elizabeth May. The rest of them seem like a bunch of clowns, though if I had to choose one guy, the lesser of the evils I suppose, I’d go with Michael Ignatieff. He needs to work on his public persona, put the kibosh on that stupid grin, and he needs to answer his questions with less evasion, but he’s got to be better than Stephen Harper who may be good with money, but in every other area of politics is full of lies. Harper is not an honourable guy. I don’t believe a word he says about anything. If the Conservatives want to win a majority, they need to get rid of Harper. I’d like to get rid of all of them, though (except Elizabeth May), and inject some new blood into politics. None of the leaders of the major parties are inspiring.

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  1. I only answered “I don’t know” to one question, though if I was more honest, I would have answered “I don’t know” to probably five or six. Harper says Canadian voters don’t care about his being in contempt of Parliament, which is a first for any PM in the Common Wealth. Unfortunately, he’s probably correct because the average voter probably doesn’t know what the hell contempt of Parliament means. I don’t really know what it is, though I suspect it’s another case of Harper deciding not to play by the rules — like his proroguing of Parliament twice. In those instances, instead of losing the confidence the House (the majority of our elected MPs), he pulled the plug. How was he ever allowed to do that? The Governor-General has to approve it, and that the G.G. would approve it twice shows that G.G. is just a puppet. Letting him get away with that twice is like the U.S. electing George W. Bush twice. It’s just wrong.

    I’ve learned a great deal about the Canadian political system in the past few years from watching Harper act more like a dictator than a democratic leader. That he could continue to be the PM indicates to me that Canadian politics, and the political mentality of our country, has begun to take on the ugliness of American politics. And it’s only going to get worse if Harper wins a majority.

    I doubt the election will change anything. It’ll be another Conservative minority government, and that’s not going to change until the other major parties (mainly the Liberals) get their act together and elect a leader who can inspire people. It’s not an easy job, but the PM needs to be well informed about social and economic needs so they can find a balance between the two instead of favouring one for the other. They have to be able to inspire people in every sector of society instead of just winning favour with groups that keep them in power.

    I don’t see that in Stephen Harper, Jack Layton or Michael Ignatieff, though I think Ignatieff has the least going against him.

    I say this based on what I read in the news. I don’t watch TV, so I don’t see any of the American styled attack ads, which shouldn’t be allowed anyway.

  2. I thought I was becoming more conservative in my views, but according to this I am solidly a liberal…mayby it is a cbc mothership fix…no matter what you write it says you are a liberal and thus vote for mamby pamby ignatieff…..

    we had a pancake brunch today at market and i blew up at a number of people who claimed the election is a waste of money….christ on a crutch…people do you have any scope of what three hundred million is in terms of federal government expediture…we have half the arab world seething for some form of governmental reform…and we moan and cry over the “cost” of a system that while flawed ..others in the world are literally and would die for the ability to participate in ….considering the so called billions mubarek has tucked away…cost of a nation wide democratic election here seems a pittance…

    simply put..we have this group of elected officials who out number this other group of elected officials and the former said hey we outnumber you and we have lost confidence in your ability to lead…due to a variety of factors…not with standing a committee of parliament stating that the ruling party is in contempt of the political process…..

    Phillip states it far more articulately, and demonstrates just a few of the examples of the Conservative governments actions which over the years have driven me crazy…and more disconcerting is the fuckin apathy in this country….whine whine whine..but as long as the bread and circuses continue…swallow the actions and propoganda…christ…I used to be fearful of mulroney…and he now seems like a liberal leaning conservative in comparison…I am starting to think ed broadbent and preston manning may have been the last of the leaders who should have been…I mean Harper from the begininng has been a slippery bastard…right from his twisted dealings with mckay at the party nomination to his continued retorhic now..

    sure… I think harper may end up with a majority…or we may end up with another minority….but to have the leader of our country dismiss the democratic process as a political platform in an attempt to stay in power…kinda makes me think of mugabee…..

    people.. it is an election…be elated at your privilege and ability to act in one…go vote…for whoever…

    • I’m not sure why your comment ended up in the awaiting-moderation queue. I thought you had free reign of this place. You must have said a bad word.

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