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4 Replies to “Sweet PC Deal”

  1. It’s interesting cause how many people now looked at the Futrue Shop site…all for an error….pretty slick advertising to me….kinda like calling your band…free beer….

  2. I sent Futureshop an email in reference to the error on their website. Here’s some of their response (italics added):

    “The advertisements on the web site are invitations for purchase orders, and are not offers to sell.” [An order] “is to be accepted only if and when Futureshop.ca sends an order acceptance and shipping notice email to [a customer’s] e-mail address.

    “Occasionally errors in pricing do occur. A unique aspect of conducting business on the Internet is that when a pricing error occurs, that news passes quickly through cyberspace to buyers trying to purchase in hopes of a windfall. As well, in this particular case, the error was very obvious.”

    The emailed ended with: “We regret any inconvenience you may have suffered. However, we are not able to meet your demands for the reasons set out above,” which is odd because I didn’t demand anything from them. I just sent them an email pointing out the mistake on the website. I never did go through with an order (because the item was listed as “out of stock”). Another form letter, I guess.

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