Switching To Google Reader From Bloglines

google reader loadingYes, after four years, I’ve switched from Bloglines (BL) to Google Reader (GR). GR seems a tad slower than BL, but I like its interface better.

Grow-a-brain‘s feed in BL stopped displaying URLs properly a couple years ago, such that all HTML was stripped from it, so you didn’t know what was a link; however, it works in GR.

One thing I don’t like about GR: a subscription isn’t automatically marked as “read” if I select it. I have to click a “Mark all as read” button or scroll through the items to mark them. Those few milliseconds of effort ARE noticeable.

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  1. Have you been having problems with feeds on BL lately? I’ve got some of my feeds in GR, and the rest in BL, but I’m thinking of moving everything over to GR now, after all the crap that’s been happening with BL.

  2. I lost all my “Keep New” posts in BL once, but other than the one site that BL wouldn’t show URLs correctly, that’s the only problem I had.

    I use a lot of other google services, so it’s easier for me to access GR than BL – one less site I have to login to.

    Having to Mark all items as being Read in GR is pissing me off though!

  3. Yeah, I made the switch from BL to GR maybe 6 months ago and haven’t looked back. I think as much because it was an easy way to start figuring out a bunch of Google’s tools (Webmaster console, calendar, maps, etc.). Oh, and because GR has some usable tools for sharing your feeds with a community if you want: http://www.google.com/reader/shared/user/14006799895473078403/label/wwr_community and

    I just discovered sharing google calendar this weekend. I keep waiting for the day Google announces a “small fee” will be charged for all this stuff. I know it’s coming. I promise.

  4. I switched about six months ago… I don’t understand what you mean by the last statement. Once I select an item, it is marked as read…

  5. > Once I select an item, it is marked as read…

    yes, same here. I want a whole subscription to be marked as read when I read it, though – the items on the list on the left of the screen. In Bloglines, if http://ohmenerves.com has 5 posts I haven’t read, all 5 will be marked as “read” if I click the subscription – I don’t have to click each one of the 5 posts.

  6. I have been using GR for a couple of weeks now and I notice something really annoying. After you mark certain posts from certain sites as read, they seem to re-appear as unread often. Have you had the same issue?

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