Sword Down The Gullet

Sword SwallowingSword Swallowing To The Hilt to learn everything about sword swallowing. Their disclaimer:

Warning: Sword swallowing is a life threatening activity. Many deaths and serious medical complications have arisen from attempting this most dangerous of performance arts. Sword swallowing should only be undertaken by a skilled, trained professional. The owners of this website will not be liable or accountable for any injuries sustained by attempting acts described and depicted within. The bottom line is, if you are considering sword swallowing, DON’T!

According to Dai Andrews’s site, there are less than 50 sword swallowers left in the entire world! Come on people! Let’s start practicing!

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  1. I wonder if there have ever been any sneeze-related injuries. Or if hiccups are ever a problem.

    If their numbers grow beyond 50 maybe Nike will make a sneaker to tap into the sword swallower market.

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