A Complaint About KFC/Taco Bell In Dieppe, NB

I emailed Taco Bell about poor service and they now seem to be fishing for a way for way to compensate me for my inconveniene. From their email:

…we would really like the opportunity to make this right. Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you to rectify this situation.

Should I take advantage of their offer? If so, what should I ask for? My intention was just to make them aware of the shitty service.

I waited a long time for my order, so I emailed the corporation about my experience:

I’m writing to complain about the poor service at the KFC store in Dieppe, NB, store #1057 (order #287 at 16:29 on April 26, 2009).

I ordered three items in the store for take-out, which was efficient: the young lady who took the order was friendly and pleasant to talk to; however, once the order was taken I waited 10 to 15 minutes at the counter. In that time:
– The cashier continued to take orders, with an ever growing lineup of people waiting for their completed orders.
– The food under the heat lamp that was ready for packing continued fillup, almost over-flowing.
– The cashier didn’t stop to pack completed orders – she just continued taking orders.
– A gentleman behind the counter who appeared to be in a managerial position seemed to be working the drive-through; however, despite walking by the crowded pile of waiting food for our orders, he didn’t direct others to help pack anything nor help the cashier.

We enjoy the occasional KFC and Taco Bell meal, but that’s the second unsatisfactory experience at that restaurant; I won’t be visiting that location again.

I hate to write just to complain, so I AM going to compliment one of your stores: the one in Riverview, NB. The staff there seems to be more knowledgable and caring, making an effort to not just be cheerful but to deliver your order in a reasonable time. That location IS probably less busy than the Dieppe location, but I would think that should matter little.

One thing of note between the two stores mentioned above: the staff at the Dieppe location seemed much younger. The staff in Riverview appeared to be mature adults for the most part. One would hope that employees at all locations would be responsible at all locations, no matter what their age.

They replied within a couple of hours:

Hi Jody,
I’m so sorry you that you had this experience with KFC.
I wanted to let you know that I have forwarded your concern to the franchisee group in your area and they will contact you directly to resolve your concern.
Should you wish to follow up in the mean time you can reach the KFC franchise head office customer service line at 1-800-363-1601.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Customer Communications Team
Yum! Restaurants International (Canada) LP

Their email address was from Yum, which I never heard of before. They’re “the world’s largest restaurant company”.

A couple hours later I received the following:

Hi Jody,
Thank you for your recent email regarding the slow service you received at our KFC/Taco Bell in Dieppe. We would really like the opportunity to discuss this with you further. In your email, you stated that you would prefer us not to call you so I would like to ask you a few questions regarding your visit.
What time of day?
What was your order?
How were the products?
We appreciate feedback from our customers to help us better serve you and others.
I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the slow service and we would really like the opportunity to make this right. Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you to rectify this situation.
KFC strives to deliver great customer service and we would really like the opportunity to resolve this issue.
Please contact me at your convenience at the number below or email me.
Thanks again for taking the time to contact us regarding your concerns…
Area Manager Atlantic

This email came from Priszm, “one of the largest operators of quick service restaurants in the world” – not the largest.
My response:

Answers to your questions:
> What time of day?
4:29pm is printed on the receipt.
> What was your order?
2 Bean Burritos and the box meal that comes with hard and soft tacos, cinnamon sticks, and some other stuff.
> How were the products?
Very good, although a tad salty. It’s the first time my kids (4 and 8 years old) had Taco Bell products and they both loved them.
> Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you to rectify this situation.
The situation has come and gone, so there’s nothing to rectify to make things right for ME. I just wanted to bring the matter to your attention.
I appreciate the quick replies to my original email.

Their response:

Thank you for your email…
I will follow up with the restaurant regarding your concerns. Again, I would like to apologize for your slow service and I appreciate the feedback. If there is anything we can do for you regarding your poor experience please let me know…

See? They seem to EXPECT me to ask for some compensation.

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  1. Holy crap, tommyboy used a link in his comment above!

    I’m surprised they’re asking me what they can do as compensation, but there’s nothing to compensate except my time. Say $150/hour, so 10 minutes would be $30. I have no idea why $150.

    A work colleague wrote to me:

    it’s basically a “tell us what you want for a buyout, so we can give it to you and you can piss off” kinda mentality.
    Standard in the “customer service” industry. :P
    I’d be surprised if anyone even said anything to that location honestly.
    So either you get something, or you don’t :).

    If I was running the company I would give out free stuff without prompting, but I’m thinking that that may be an admission of guilt to some degree.

  2. Holy crap, tommyboy used a link in his comment above!

    I added the link.

    When I found a frog in my Smitty’s salad, the manager offered me an unlimited dinner for 2. I said no thanks.

    You should ask them for an unlimited dinner for 4.

  3. Way back in high school, when i first experienced purchasing food for myself, i bought one of those taco kits from the grocery store. when i went to make it a few days later, i discovered it was missing the little seasoning packet. so it was basically useless! i called a number on the box to inform them of this. They asked for a serial number or something off the box, i gave it to them, and they said there must have been a manufacturing error at the plant. sounded fine to me. then they wanted my address to send me a gift certificate for $20 worth of old el paso products! I was happy as hell, thinking “shit, that’s like 100 tacos!”

    so back in the day, they WOULD offer you compensation right there. but i’m sure they got tired of the greedy people saying “$20 isn’t nearly enough, i demand a million!” so they had to stop.

    I think half the reason customer service went downhill is from the ignorant retards who would take advantage of it.

  4. If you did indeed only want to bring the matter to their attention, why would you continue corresponding with them? Are you so concerned with the service at Taco Bell that you need to help them rectify their service issues?

    Tell them that you are done with the Dieppe location. (That will serve your original purpose of “helping” them.) Then tell them that because you like their food, you would appreciate the opportunity to try another meal for four at the Riverview location, where you experienced good customer service.

    … and tell them that Iain would like a new pet frog.

  5. > why would you continue corresponding with them?

    Indeed. I haven’t continued correspondence. I answered their questions – that was it.

    > Are you so concerned with the service at Taco Bell that you need to help them rectify their service issues?


    > Tell them that you are done with the Dieppe location

    I did in my original complaint. You didn’t read the whole post! Bad Steve!

    > you would appreciate the opportunity to try another meal for four at the Riverview location

    I’m uncomfortable doing that – I don’t need them for that opportunity. I AM disappointed that they didn’t voluntarily send me a coupon or two. Am I contradicting myself?

  6. Since you clearly don’t care if they compensate you, you should use this opportunity to see just how far they will go. Start by asking them for a coupon for a free Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich. Let’s see if they’ll give you a coupon to one of their competitors.

    Or ask them for a personal note of apology from the franchise owner. But be hyper-specific, e.g. written in red ink on a 3×5 index card (lined side only).

  7. Bad Jody! Jumping to conclusions. I did read the whole post. You took my sentence out of context. I said that as a lead in to the rest of the paragraph indicating that you want them to compensate you with a meal at another location to specifically isolate the other location as a problem. In doing so, I was able to answer your question about whether we think you should take them up on their offer AND drive home your original point of wanting to be specific about letting them know about the problem (which I indicated in parenthesis as my purpose). Duh!

  8. It is very unfortunate and frustrating for me for whatever happened
    yesterday. Guys, I went to taco bell (unit no- 021552, Newport mall NJ)
    and I ordered for Maxican Pizza and Cheese Quesadilla( everything no
    meat). They provided me Chicken food. I went to manager for this and Manager name is
    Stella. She was so rude .she t…hrow it in garbadge and were not even wanted
    listen me. I bought the chicken packet with me for proof. This is
    unacceptable. Even I contacted Tacobell too but no answer. I have
    receipt too.

  9. My guess is that they sent the email to the “Shail to English Translation Department” and you should be hearing from them in 4-6 weeks.

  10. My friend and I have gone to KFC (located on paul street Dieppe) June 23rd 2011. We were looking at the workers making our food while we were waiting for it. We noticed that no one was wearing gloves and they werent washing their hands after they touched something!!! This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. The drive-Thru cashier was even helping with food preperation (wearing no gloves even after handeling money) and they were serving it to costumers. We have also witnessed an employee sneezing on some food and only whiping her hands on her pants. I WILL NEVER BE BACK AT THIS RESTAURENT!!!!!

  11. I believe the senior cairns may recall seeing much worse infractions in his, and my own experience in the food service industry of the bustling burb of halifax…

    its kfc…jesus christ.. eating that food is more damaging to your health than any thing on the employees hands or tongue or other appendage…don’t get me wrong…my well padded frame is based on a steady diet of sneeze infested, money contaminated, grease and fat laden chicken goodness..

  12. oh oh….I just had an ugly … if dawn is a relative of one of the cairn boys…I was out of my mind when I wrote that last post and I offer medical evidence to my inappropriate behavior…

    if dawn is not a relative…eat your chicken baby…ummmmm…yummmy…

    I gotta go take my little brightly colored pill now….

  13. You should have not told them you didn’t expect compensation if you wanted coupons for free food!
    Anytime your meal is unsatisfactory it is their job to “compensate” you- by giving you a free meal to try to earn back your loyalty and trust as a valued customer- after they have brought the complained about situation to the employees and/or reprimanded them, to see if they do better the next time, or if they need to take further action or replace them?
    Without being informed from the public- most times the manager or Gm have no idea that the public is not being treated properly in the event of their absence.
    Yes, it may be a little work to continue to answer their questions in an attempt for them to gain knowledge of what they need to do for their franchise to run properly when they are in fact absence, and that is why they offer to compensate you. 1 for your bad excellence, 2 for you to help them by telling them if your bad experience, in order for them to be able to correct it. Like i said without the customers telling them when something is wrong, they can’t correct what they don’t have any idea of that is happening.
    So do be informative in bad business situations, and do answer their questions, and do accept compensation, then continue to give feedback.
    I give you props on also giving feedback on positive situations as well. As that is awesome of you.
    Hope this helps you understand why your comments, experience, and opinion are so valuable in food chains? Have a great day!

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