“9000” Ladybugs For Sale

ladybugAmazon.com is selling Ladybugs: 9000 Count, although one customer writes otherwise:

I paid for 9,000 ladybugs, but I only received 8,982. I would appreciate either a refund of the .039 cents I overpaid, or an additional shipment of the missing 18 bugs. I really can’t be expected to successfully recreate the Battle of Gettysburg with only 8,982 Union and Confederate lady bug soldiers, so if given the option, I’d prefer the remaining bugs over the cash refund. Thanks.

I don’t buy EVERY book I see

When I go to Costco I’m always tempted to buy books I haven’t read about but look interesting, when I see them there at their cheap price. For example, I saw 1421: the Year China Discovered the World there for less than 10 bucks. I don’t read much history books, but I seemed interesting as I started reading there. Then I thought my dad might like it. Then I thought I could sell them used on amazon.ca, probably making a profit. I didn’t buy it. Yet.