A Guide To Canada

canadian maple leafAn American’s Guide to Canada:

These pages, written by an American who has been living in Canada since 1992, are intended to give Americans a better idea just what goes on in the Great White North.

There are a lot of generalizations listed, but some interesting facts, too. On their How To Tell You Are In Canada page they note the following, and I’m Canadian (born and lived here my whole life):

  • Lots of people run around in clothing from Roots.
    – I rarely see people wearing Roots clothing. It isn’t prevalent as any other brand.
  • Husky is a popular gas station.
    – I never heard of it.
  • Nobody worries about losing a life’s savings or a home because of illness.
    – I wish.
  • Everything is measured in metric.
    – Except wood and a lot of other construction material. You ask for a “2 by 4”, not a “5.08 by 10.16” (centimeters).

(via The Presurfer)