The Droplift Project:

The idea came suddenly. Manufacture our own CDs, go into chain stores, and leave them in the appropriate bins. Down among the established pop hits and top 40 product, these CDs await those curious few who take them to the counter.
Then what? Witness the confused faces of cashiers and customers alike when the CD does not show up in the inventory. But they’ll most likely make the sale, and the CD known only as THE DROPLIFT PROJECT will go home with yet another customer. Mission accomplished.
Severe copyright restrictions on the use samples in works of audio collage often prevent this type of work from ever reaching the ears of listeners. The members of the Droplift Project feel that these restrictions amount to censorship of an entire artform, and so they have created this art-response to the current relation of artists and lawmakers to the techniques of appropriation, collage, and sampling in music. The artists know that the disc may not be found by the right people, and they know that they will not get paid. But they needed a chance, so they made one.

I wonder if anyone has droplifted DVDs yet.