J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog

3 hands shakingSteel White Table and J-Walk Blog are pleased to announce the start of a new era in blogging: J-Walk has purchased Steel White Table; all future Steel White Table posts will appear on J-Walk’s blog, which will be now known as J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog (JSWT).

Thank you for your patronage and see you at J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog!

Questions And Answers

  • How will I know if J-Walk, Jody, or Phillip is the author of a post?
    You won’t. Everything will LOOK like it comes from J-Walk, but two-thirds of the time it’ll be from us.
  • What were the terms of the purchase of Steel White Table? SWT seems to be getting the better deal.
    One word: Bacon. No, two words: Canadian bacon.
  • I haven’t seen an announcement on J-Walk’s site about it.
    Oh, you will. He’s probably still in bed.
    It’s announced!
  • Will Steel White Table continue their posts?
    Yes! But on the new and improved J-Walk’s Steel White Table blog. This is the last post to appear on Steel White Table’s own domain.

Further questions can be posted in the comments section, where J-Walk or Steel White Table will answer them accordingly.