Watercolour Painting – Week 2

In the the first week of watercolour painting we learned the basics of the equipment used and some techniques. This week we practiced the wet-in-wet techniques more: We did our first real painting that was based on a sketch that everyone followed. My first watercolour painting is titled A Distant City (7.5″ X 5.5″ on paper): Related Posts: – Watercolour Painting – Week 1 – Can The Art of Watercolour

Can The Art of Watercolour Painting Be Taught?

I’m taking Watercolour: Introductory Steps to Confident Watercolour Painting at the local community college next month. The instructor, Joan Gregory, describes the course as …the very fundamentals of watercolour painting. The 1st evening we will be discussing materials… and I do my best to make it as simple as possible… also without too many supplies… just basic… and then, if you fall in love with watercolour, you can add more

Jean’s Paintings

Jean’s almost a “Painting A Day” features excellent oil paintings that she briefly describes with a good selling price. She occasionally articulates her love of the art and its learning process: I am energized and confident. I know I am in the process. There is no end. You just continue to do and as you do, if your mind is engaged, you will learn and you will move forward. I

Folk Art Paintings

Jenny and I bought some cheap paints and brushes at a dollar store over Xmas. We painted our masterpieces on Sunday. Neither of us have any experience in painting. Does it show? Mine are kind of abstract. The first one is called, “Skyline with Tree.” The second is, “Sum of The Parts.” (Click images to enlarge.) Jenny’s paintings are more normal looking (and much better than mine). Her first painting