Answers For Questions An Atheist May Get

A Blunt Atheist FAQ is a lengthy list of questions that atheists often receive, including brief but concise (and sometimes amusing) answers: How do I tell my family and friends I’m an atheist? First you should think twice about telling. Some people can’t take it, so healthy self‐preservation might call for keeping it a secret or admitting to some lesser sin, like agnosticism or unitarianism. Atheists hate Christians! Some might,

Replacing The 10 Commandments

10 practical suggestions on how to be ethical (i.e. not just for atheists; for anyone). Thou SHALT NOT believe all thou art told. Thou SHALT seek knowledge and truth constantly. Thou SHALT educate thy fellow man in the Laws of Science. Thou SHALT NOT forget the atrocities committed in the name of god. Thou SHALT leave valuable contributions for future generations. Thou SHALT live in peace with thy fellow man.